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Our apartment reeks of sulfer. Its really disgusting. It started yeasterday morning when the pipes in the kitchen and bathroom started making a noise I can only describe as farting. The smell was so strong in the kitchen that I almost threw up when I went in to collect Ian's bottles and my lunch. The bathroom was worse and by the time I got home yesterday, the smell had permiated almost every corner. It was made worse when Brent accidentally burned part of dinner. We did manage to clear most of the smoke and some of the smell out with fans, but the pipes started up again this morning.

And there was a surprise in the bathtub when I went to take a shower last night. Lets just say that after what we saw, neither Brent nor I wanted to use the shower until we had scrubbed it out with bleach. It took a half hour to get everything cleaned up. Yuck!

Brent is working from home today and is planning to go by the leasing office to let them know about the surprise (which we took pictures of before we cleaned it up) and see what they intend to do about it. We signed all kinds of disclosure papers when we renewed our lease, about lead and aspestos, but no where in those papers did it say anything about having a septic line back up into our tub! Its the complexes responsibilty to fix the issue ASAP.


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