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Literally. These are shots of Ian that I took today, wearing some family heirlooms. The three smocks shown in these pictures were originally worn by my late uncle, Wethered Woodworth Jr, in the mid-1920s. My mother has pictures of him, herself, my cousin John, me and my sister in these little outfits, although, my mother, my sister and I didn't wear the bloomers under them. Those are for boys only.

Ian in the first Woodworth smock.

More Pictues of Ian in Vintage Wear Under the Cut )
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Ian off to the pool in his very "Maryland" bathing suit. I just love the crab on his little butt.

Sleepy Ian. He was totally wiped out after a day with Auntie [ profile] strixluna. We had to wake him up to feed him dinner.
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Here are some recent pictures of the Wee Boy:

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On this day, one year ago, I became a Mommy for the first time. Ian, you have made my life so very exciting and fun. I love you, dearest boy, more than I can put into words. Keep growing, keep changing, keep finding out who you are. Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you!!

Ian Alder Keith, May 20th 2008

Ian Adler Keith, May 19th 2009
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As promised, here are Ian pictures:

Wee Boy a Wee Kilt (note the hand knit wee kilt hose)
Wee Boy in his Wee Kilt )
All three pictures were taken at Cal & Lynne's. I took the first shot and Kirsten took the other 2.

In other news, Ian cut his second tooth yesterday, with significantly less fuss than he had with tooth # 1. Lets hope the rest of the teeth are this easy.
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More pictures of Little Boy.
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Here are some new pictures of our very big boy. We are so very proud of him and we love him so very much!
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Here are the pictures from the trip to Dallas:
Ian's Big Adventure )

Ian Pics

Dec. 22nd, 2008 08:23 am
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Finally, new pictures of Ian! A more complete journal entry will follow soon!

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Here are recent pictures of my beloved boys:
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After being unable to post for so long, here are some Ian pics to make up for my extended and unintended absence.

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I took this one today:

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Here are more pictures of Ian. These were taken during the last month or so.

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Since we haven't posted any in a while.
Small Boy All Dressed Up )

We have other, more recent pictures but they are still on the camera. ***sigh***
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Here are the pictures I promised of Ian and his new teddy bear, courtesy of [ profile] wilhelmina_d. Thank you again, Mina.
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Ian is still being Velcro Baby and it makes getting anything done around the house extra hard. But he's also extra-cute, which kind of makes up for it all.
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