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Literally. These are shots of Ian that I took today, wearing some family heirlooms. The three smocks shown in these pictures were originally worn by my late uncle, Wethered Woodworth Jr, in the mid-1920s. My mother has pictures of him, herself, my cousin John, me and my sister in these little outfits, although, my mother, my sister and I didn't wear the bloomers under them. Those are for boys only.

Ian in the first Woodworth smock.

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Ian off to the pool in his very "Maryland" bathing suit. I just love the crab on his little butt.

Sleepy Ian. He was totally wiped out after a day with Auntie [ profile] strixluna. We had to wake him up to feed him dinner.
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Here are some recent pictures of the Wee Boy:

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On this day, one year ago, I became a Mommy for the first time. Ian, you have made my life so very exciting and fun. I love you, dearest boy, more than I can put into words. Keep growing, keep changing, keep finding out who you are. Your Daddy and I are so very proud of you!!

Ian Alder Keith, May 20th 2008

Ian Adler Keith, May 19th 2009
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As promised, here are Ian pictures:

Wee Boy a Wee Kilt (note the hand knit wee kilt hose)
Wee Boy in his Wee Kilt )
All three pictures were taken at Cal & Lynne's. I took the first shot and Kirsten took the other 2.

In other news, Ian cut his second tooth yesterday, with significantly less fuss than he had with tooth # 1. Lets hope the rest of the teeth are this easy.
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More pictures of Little Boy.
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Here are some new pictures of our very big boy. We are so very proud of him and we love him so very much!
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Here are the pictures from the trip to Dallas:
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On Saturday we received a long looked for baby present for Ian. A couple of weeks after Ian was born, we received a gift certificate from Dancing Goddess Dolls. The gift came from [ profile] zoethe, [ profile] theferrett, [ profile] katspaw156 and her husband Eric. And now we have the wonderful results. Brent and I discussed what we wanted: I wanted something Celtic and Brent wanted a trickster. After discussion with Kelli, the artist who creates the Dancing Goddesses (and Gods), this is what we came up with.

May I present to you: Puck

Thank you all so much. I know that this little God will be a part of Ian's life for some time to come.
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Here are recent pictures of my beloved boys:
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After being unable to post for so long, here are some Ian pics to make up for my extended and unintended absence.

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I took this one today:

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Here are more pictures of Ian. These were taken during the last month or so.

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Since we haven't posted any in a while.
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We have other, more recent pictures but they are still on the camera. ***sigh***
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Here are the pictures I promised of Ian and his new teddy bear, courtesy of [ profile] wilhelmina_d. Thank you again, Mina.
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My son is the drool king of the universe. With the acid reflux, he's been spitting up small amounts on regular basis. Right now he's going through at least 2 bibs a day (not counting the one he sleeps in) and at least 2 burp cloths a day, on a good day. Brent and I stocked up on bibs the last time we went to Babies'R Us but couldn't find any burp clothes that weren't tiny. We even went looking for the old fashioned cloth diapers (the ones that require pins to fasten) but no luck.

So I'm resorting to my knitting skills. Once I finish off my SIL's socks and my nephew's sweater, I'm using the left over cotton yarn from the sweater and some cotton yarn I got to knit dishclothes and I'm producing a bunch of burp cloths. As a basis I'm going to use dish cloth patterns, as I have those in abundace. I just need to figure out a way to make them larger. I think that I will first try going up a couple of needle sizes and see how that does. All the yarn is worsted weight and it can take up to a size 9 needle without looking to thin. Most dish cloths are knit on 6s or 7s, so going up to 9s should be OK.

If that doesn't work, I'll keep them on 7s and knit a longer boarder on either side of the design motif and see if that works. To try that, I'll need to invest in more yarn since I don't think the skeins I have will make anything that big.

I hope I'll have at least one done by the end of the weekend. We'll see how things go from there...
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Ian has a appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning. Lets hope that we can get something to calm the reflux.

Everyone please keep your fingers crossed...
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Ian is still being Velcro Baby and it makes getting anything done around the house extra hard. But he's also extra-cute, which kind of makes up for it all.
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