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Now that I'm no longer working, I seem to spend my free time (when I'm not running after Ian) knitting and watching movies. Over the last several weeks I been quite busy. [ profile] cormac, this is the post you are looking for...
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The first Kilt Sock is done!! I'm casting on the second one in just a few minutes. Lets hope the notes I took are good enough to copy what I did the first time around.

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I just discovered Three Irish Girls knitting yarn. Can you believe they have a colorway called Ian? Want So Much...
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The new Knitty is out!!!!

Check out Treetop. Its cabled socks on drugs. I must knit them!!!!
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Here is the much promissed recently knitted picspam post. Enjoy!
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As promised long ago, here are some knitting projects, old and new, not previously listed here. I'll start with my most recent completed project:

Here is my latest finished project, a Litla Dimun shawl from the Faroe Islands (pattern by Cheryl Oberle from her book Folk Shawls) in Superfine 3 ply Alpaca Sportweight, color Charcoal. I oringally planned this one for me, but Lynne liked it so much that I passed it on to her instead.

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Right now I'm working on yet another Sitcom Chic (3rd time I've knit the pattern) for my MIL, using a cotton/synthetic blend from Knitpicks.
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Here are my recently finished projects:

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I didn't watch the Palin speech last night. I just couldn't do it. That woman is opposed to everything that I believe in and she makes my teeth hurt every time I hear her talk. The possiblity that she could end up as President makes me sick to my stomach. So I watched Poirot mysteries instead.

I also finished my FIL's socks.

Thuja by Bobby Ziegler in Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport, stone colorway, on size 6 needles (much larger needles than I usually use for socks).

I also realized that I never posted a picture of the burp cloth I knit (its been finished for almost a month).

Baby Feet Burp Cloth, adapted from Baby Feet Dish Cloth by Rhonda White in Lily Sugar'n Cream pink/blue/green/yellow varigated cotton, on size 8 needles.

Now its on to my BIL's socks. I'm really trying to get the UFOs and stash under control, along with getting holiday and baby present knitting done. To that end, I packed up a bunch of packages last night and (hopefully) Brent will put them in the mail at lunch today. So [ profile] mrsbrewer, [ profile] lmnicole and [ profile] katspaw156, you should soon have goodies heading out to you, addressed to your kiddies. I'll let you all know by email as soon as I'm sure they have been shipped.

Tonight is laundry night and I hope I'll get some more knitting done as well. Friday is Bardic and this weekend we intend to be fairly peaceful. We have more All Creatures Great and Small to watch and we may take it over to Cal and Lynne's. We also want to catch up with G and K, who we haven't seen in a couple of months.
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Here are some of the knitting projects I've finished in the last couple of weeks:
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Found this yarn through Ravelry. I adore the colors. It really does look like a volcano eruping.

Wish I had the cash to buy it. *sigh*
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Check out Knotions, the new on-line knitting magazine. There are at least 3 patterns that I'm dying to do, including Oak Leaf Socks and an art deco table runner.

Yum yum...
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My son is the drool king of the universe. With the acid reflux, he's been spitting up small amounts on regular basis. Right now he's going through at least 2 bibs a day (not counting the one he sleeps in) and at least 2 burp cloths a day, on a good day. Brent and I stocked up on bibs the last time we went to Babies'R Us but couldn't find any burp clothes that weren't tiny. We even went looking for the old fashioned cloth diapers (the ones that require pins to fasten) but no luck.

So I'm resorting to my knitting skills. Once I finish off my SIL's socks and my nephew's sweater, I'm using the left over cotton yarn from the sweater and some cotton yarn I got to knit dishclothes and I'm producing a bunch of burp cloths. As a basis I'm going to use dish cloth patterns, as I have those in abundace. I just need to figure out a way to make them larger. I think that I will first try going up a couple of needle sizes and see how that does. All the yarn is worsted weight and it can take up to a size 9 needle without looking to thin. Most dish cloths are knit on 6s or 7s, so going up to 9s should be OK.

If that doesn't work, I'll keep them on 7s and knit a longer boarder on either side of the design motif and see if that works. To try that, I'll need to invest in more yarn since I don't think the skeins I have will make anything that big.

I hope I'll have at least one done by the end of the weekend. We'll see how things go from there...
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I have discovered The Twist Collective. *drool* Wish I had more money...
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I finally have a collection of knitting pictures pulled together, so I thought I'd post them for all to see.
Finished Socks )

On the (sock) needles:
SIL's Socks
BIL's Socks
FIL's Socks
3 pairs for me
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I had a successful trip to the Yarn Lady yesterday and was able to find the 10.75s I needed although I paid a pretty penny for them. I finished knitting up the 10.5 skein at lunch and joined the 10.75 skein, but haven't switched needles yet (I'll do that at the Dr.'s office this afternoon). With that transfer, I will have 2 more skeins to knit up (and one more needle size to go up) and the shawl will be done. I'm going to have to be a little bit careful with the last skein, since technically I'm a skein short (7 as apposed to 8) so I'll have to stop knitting in the middle of the skein and bind off. We will have to see how successful I am.

I even if I finish the shawl in the next week, I'll still have another 3 weeks of monitoring to go before I deliver (I hope) and I'll still need a circular needle project to keep me busy. I owe my MIL a rectangular shawl in dark brown, so I think I may look into getting some new yarn and starting that, with the idea that I will try and finish it for her birthday, in October. I have a pattern that I like, with mini-cables, but I need to get the yarn for it. I think I may need to make another trip to Suzoo's in a couple of weeks to do just that.

I also got the heel finished and turned on my SIL's first sock yesterday. I'm now working the gussett decreases. I think that I will start the second sock on my spare pair of size 1s over the weekend, so I don't loose the lace pattern from my head. And I need to put some time in on my BIL's socks, which have been in "time-out" for a little while.
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I have come to a screeching hault on the shawl. Suzoo's was something of a bust on Saturday, in the needle department. I couldn't find 10.75s, even though they carry a line that runs through that size. I did pick up 11s but I'm almost done with the 10.5 skein and can't proceed until the 10.75s have been aquired. I'm hoping that I can sneak in a trip to the Yarn Lady after one of my appointments this week. I think that they had 10.75s in stock the last time I was in.

I have been busy with socks, in the interim. I was able to get some Brown Sheep Nature Spun sport (which is actually sock weight) in Stone for my FILs socks. I've cast on a pair of Thuja from Knitty and we'll see how they do. Like the pairs for my SIL and BIL, I'm trying to get these socks to a try-on point before the baby is born, so that when the in-laws descend on us in late May or early June, I can fit the socks and finish them for Christmas. My BIL's socks are in the best position right now, as the first sock is well into the foot and the second sock is started. I started the heel on my SIL's first sock last night and have been contemplating starting the second sock on another pair of needles.
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I have progessed on my shawl, after some frustrations. I am now on size 9 needles and have started the 3rd lace pattern. I did have some issues making the transition between lace patterns this time. In fact, I had to frog back to the beginning of the lace pattern 3 times before I got it right. But I think I've got the hang of it (the pattern itself is deceptively easy) and I should be able to push through to the end of the shawl, uping the needle size as I go. I'm about half way through the 9 skein and have the 10 skein with me, ready to start. I will need to dig out my 10.5 needles tonight to make sure they are some place I can find them easily (like my knitting bag) and I think I may need to make a trip to Suzoo's or the Yarn Lady this weekend to pick up the 10.75s and 11s.
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So it has begun. I've made my first yarn purchase from the money we got as bonuses. Some of the money has gone to Amazon, of course and to get Brent his anniversery present, but now I get to play with yarn to my heart's content (within reason of course).

The first purchase, made this morning, is actually a UFO (UnFinished Object) measure. Two years ago, while at a local weaving show, I purchased as skein of charcoal 3 ply 100% alpaca yarn from the folks at Village Spinning and Weaving in Solvang. But I missread the label and thought I was getting a full pound (1330 yards) instead of 8oz (665 yards). With the larger yardage in mind, I started a wonderful Faroe Island Shawl from the Folk Shawl book. Oops. Now the project languishes in the UFO pile, since I am almost out of yarn. I sent Lynne off the show this year with instructions and money, so I could get more yarn (I couldn't go this year), but by the time she got there, they were out of charcoal. She did pickup the next color down the spectrum for me (mist grey) but the two shades are just not close enough to make it work. One of the problems with non-dyed wool. So today I ordered another skein of charcoal and we'll see if that is enough to finish the shawl.

And I need to come up with a smaller project for the lighter skein as well. I am seriously trying to stash-bust at the momment! This wool falls in the Sport Weight catagory and the yardage is really too small for a shawl or sleeved sweater and way too large for a scarf, hat or socks. It felts very easily but is extremely soft and is really a luxury yarn. We'll just have to see what happens.

Also on the list of purchases is the rest of the cotton yarn for the cardigan I was supposed to give my sister for her birthday. I need to pick up more yarn to finish it and she might get it by her next birthday! But that should be easily aquired at Michaels (its being knit in cotton baby yarn). Again, another UFO purchase, which I hope to make some time for this weekend.

Then, who knows... I still intend to stash-bust like crazy, but I'm trying to get the UFO's off my plate first. Currently on needles are:
1 pair of Brown socks (in worsted weight) for my father-in-law
1 Charcoal Faroe Island shawl
1 rust Candle Flame Shawl
1 Irish shawl in Dark Blue (which may be frogged for something else)
3 lace scarves
1 pair of white lace socks (on second sock)
1 pair of blue lace socks
1 pair green lace socks
1 rose lace shawl
2 baby blankets
1 cabled shawl in chunky homespun
1 cotton cardigan

Most of the things on the list are for other people. A couple are presents that are on a specific time line. We'll see how fast I can get through them...

Leaf Envy

Jan. 11th, 2008 10:34 am
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I've started reading the [ profile] yarnharlot and earlier this week she started this sock pattern. OMG, leaves, really cute leaves! I WANT this kit, but I know I'd never finish it. But the socks are OMG gorgeous and so cool!! (And the other kits on the site are pretty damn awsome too. Check out the Ocktober Fest one...)
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