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The weekend was very enjoyable all around, with only a few small disappointments.

Friday night, Brent and voted to strech our legs, so off we went on foot to Ruby's for bugers and fries. After we finished dinner, we hit Borders and made most of our entainment purchases for the month. Our video purchase was Jim Henson's Fantasy Film Collection, a box set that contains Labirynth, The Dark Crystal and Mirror Mask. We already own the first two films on tape but have wanted to replace them with DVDs for a while and we didn't own Mirror Mask at all (although we have seen it and loved it), so for just under $40 it was an OK deal (we could have gotten it on Amazon cheaper, but there was the instant gratification aspect to it). For me, we got 40 Days on CD by The Wailing Jennys. If you haven't encountered this group yet, you really need to check them out. They are 3 pretty damn fantastic, Canadian lady singer-songwriters that sing in close harmony. I first encountered them on Prairie Home Companion last summer and they blew my mind. 40 Days is their first album, released in 2004 and is somewhat hard to find in stores (although it is available on Amazon), and so when I saw it, I grabbed it and I wasn't sorry. If you get a chance to see these gals live, Do It. You will not be disappointed.

Saturday, we finally got our car back. It took them almost a week longer than it was supposed to and when we picked it up it still smelt of drying paint. We also ended up having to cover the last 2 days of the rental because the insurance company hadn't approved it for as long as the repairs took. Brent is calling USAA today to get it all sorted out, so hopefully we will be getting re-imbursed for the expense. It was nice to have our own vehicle back, although I will miss the legroom in the Chevy, which was extensive. After we had collected the car, we headed over to Cal and Lynn's, with a brief detour for gas.

Once we reached the Tucker's, we had lunch (omlets, yum yum) and Cal and I headed over to a little hole in the wall yarn store called California Yarn Sales. The place is a real mom and pop store with yarn, antiques and a locksmith, but they did have an interesting collection of yarn. Not much in worsted weight cotton, which is what I was looking for, but lots of cheap alpaca, which I am thinking of heading back for when we are little more flush. So I am still looking for yarn for my sister's sweater. We hit the grocery store on the way back and grabbed the last little bit of dinner. Brent and Lynn had spent the time playing Russian Baccamon. Cal and I also spent some time working on the Bardic project we are doing together, while I played around with Lynn's spinning wheel (I am trying to get my old wheel skills back so I can spin my own yarn). The project is moving along well but I haven't done as much as I should on my end, mostly because it requires Timothy's help and he's working 6 days a week currently and has no free time until after Summer Solstice Festival. We are hoping to get together in July, when his hours are lighter and pull our bits together, to match Cal's.

G joined us for dinner, lasagna, and movies, Ghost Busters and the first Harry Potter film (we are doing one a weekend, in preperation for the release of movie 5 in July). Just as we were getting to the climax of Ghost Busters, we received a paniced call from [ profile] sepdet. She had been in a hit and run fender bender and had almost been run down by the perpetrator in his eagerness to escape. She was, understandably, too shaken to drive, so Brent, G and I headed down to pick her up and deposit her car (which was only minorly damaged and completely drivable) at her appartment before bringing her back to Cal and Lynn's for tea and sympathy (and berry pie). Brent and I carried her home at midnight, after making plans to meet G at Ikea the next day.

Sunday morning, Brent and I overslept and had to rush to get to Ikea by 11am to meet G. We did the store, stopping for lunch in the cafe, so G could pick up a desk and a bookshelf and we could pick up more CD storage and some kitchen gadgets. We loaded up the cars and head off to Fry's so G could pick up a fan and we could look at phones. We think we have found a system we like, but the store was sold out, so we are going to check back with them next weekend and see if they have gotten the next shipment in. I like going to Fry's but it tends to be really loud and crowded and by the time we left I had a screaming headache. The plan was that we would head back to the apartment, unload our Ikea purchases and watch Doctor Who, but I was feeling pretty awful, so Brent decided to take a detour for ice cream. I had green tea flavored (yummy!). We finally got back to our place, unloaded the car and I took a short nap while the guys played some 2 player games. We ordered pizza and sat down to watch "Utopia".

When it was done, we all sat in stunned silence for some time. I haven't seen much of the current season, but I will say that this episode ranks as one of my top 5 episodes of the new series and one of my top 10 episodes of all time. And, just for the record, Sir Derek Jacobi is a GOD! He has always been one of my favorite actors and this performance is one of his best. I won't spoil anything more (its on Wiki anyway), but I will say that if you even vaguely interested in Doctor Who (and you haven't seen it already), you must must must see this episode as soon as you can. If you had any doubts about Russel T. Davies understanding the Doctor, this episode should put those doubts to rest. I am still processing it and will be for some time. And next Saturday is a long way away.

We saw G on his way home and cleaned up the pizza trash, still shell shocked from the episode. My headache was back, although not as strong as before, so I stretched out on the couch with the British edition of the first Harry Potter, which I hadn't read in a couple of years (we have both editions) and Brent spent the rest of the evening working on an art description for work. We did take a short walk about 10:30 to pick up some stuff I needed for work from the all night drugstore and we ended up crashing at about 1am.

All in all it was a good weekend, except for [ profile] sepdet's accident and my yarn failure. And Knitpicks still hasn't gotten back to me about my order, so it looks like I'm going to have to call them at lunch today. Tonight, the plan is to start laundry and get our CD rack together while we watch some Monty Python and Bab 5. A fairly boring evening but much needed. Most of our CDs are still in boxes and it will be nice to see some of them again.

I will leave you with the lyrics to my favorite Wailing Jenny's song. It makes me think of Harry Potter, for some strange reason.

One Voice (Ruth Moody) from 40 Days

This is the sound of one voice
One spirit, one voice
The sound of one who makes a choice
This is the sound of one voice

This is the sound of voices two
The sound of me singing with you
Helping each other to make it through
This is the sound of voices two

This is the sound of voices three
Singing together in harmony
Surrendering to the mystery
This is the sound of voices three

This is the sound of all of us
Singing with love and the will to trust
Leave the rest behind it will turn to dust
This is the sound of all of us

This is the sound of one voice
One people, one voice
A song for every one of us
This is the sound of one voice
This is the sound of one voice

Date: 2007-06-18 08:10 pm (UTC)
ext_20798: (doctor/Rose)
From: [identity profile]
Oooh, I am so jealous of your weekend. It's been ages since I went to Ikea or shopped for yarn (diet= good, but I'm ready for it to end now).

And I miss my HP books. :( I can borrow from my friends but it's not the same. Rewatching a movie a week is a good idea, I might have to steal it.

And Utopia-- yes. YES. Right now, still a little stunned from Saturday night, I think it's quite possibly my favourite episode ever. Derek Jacobi was incredible, and on the Confidential he said that being in Doctor Who was something he'd wanted to do most of his life, and he was really excited when they offered and accepted at once. I always love that. :)

Date: 2007-06-18 08:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have been a fan of Sir Derek's ever since I saw I, Claudius for the first time when I was 7. I almost got to meet him when he did a question and answer session at the Smithsonian after the premiere of Branagh's Hamlet but I found out too late to get passes. And to see him in Doctor Who couldn't be more perfect. And the Doctor/Jack momments were great too. I missed this Jack (Torchwood Jack was a bit too emo for me).

The other plus is that I think Martha finally understands about Rose. She has been seeing the Doctor as "jilted lover" for most of the series and didn't understand why he didn't just get over Rose and pursue her instead. I think that she now understands that the Doctor is, to all intents and purposes, a widower and that he might never get over Rose. It was a real wakeup call for her.

Date: 2007-06-18 09:30 pm (UTC)
ext_20798: (doctor- Ten/rose)
From: [identity profile]
but I found out too late to get passes

Oh, I hate it when that happens!

Yeah, there's a definite difference between TW and DW Jack-- DW Jack, for having the same troubles, seems to be a lot more alive. Or something.

Martha-- YES, exactly! All along she's been hating Rose as the other woman, but I think now she feels sorry for her-- she understands that neither Rose nor the Doctor chose for Rose to leave. And I'm such a shipper, I loved your description of the Doctor as a widower, and I think it's true-- certainly, both DT and RTD have been describing Rose as the love of the Doctor's life. I hope this is a wake-up call for Martha-- I really like her, but her mooning over the Doctor drives me nuts.

Date: 2007-06-18 09:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think that Martha could be a really wonderful companion, along the lines of Ace or Romana, and a good friend for the Doctor. But she needs to stop throwing herself at him first. It seems to be somewhat beneath her based on everything that I've seen.

As for Rose, I don't see the Doctor ever getting over her. I've been a Whovian since I was 12 and I've seen a lot of episodes, including some of the older ones (Patrick Troughton is still my favorite Doctor), but I have never seen the Doctor willingly give his fate into the hands of a companion before. In The Satan Pit he let Rose take the lead and be the hero and rescue him. It was the most telling momment in the entire show. They were an equal partnership and that's a rare thing. Its not hard to be a shipper given evidence like that.

The interesting thing is that I can see the direction that Jack is going in now. The end of the episode opened a road for the next series of Toarchwood and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Date: 2007-06-19 01:33 pm (UTC)
ext_20798: (Our Rose)
From: [identity profile]
ITA about Martha-- I think that's why I get so annoyed when she does it. I hate when women moon over men ad nauseum and Martha seems like such a bright, capable woman-- why is she torturing herself like this? It's one thing to have unrequited love for someone, it's another entirely to constantly be reminding them of it and letting it affect you all the time. Once in a while, it's ok. ;) But every time she starts on how much she loves the Doctor and it's not fair, I roll my eyes and want to tell her to shut up. (And I just read her MySpace entry, which is actually official, and it sounds like she might be learning something from Chantho, which would be good.)

That's a very good point about Doctor/Rose. I've been slowly catching up on the classic series ever since I started watching the new, and I was watching Logopolis yesterday and noticed him talking about Romana quite a bit still, and he did come close to letting her save the day a few times. But it's still not quite the same level as Rose.

Jack should be a lot happier now, and the next season of TW should be interesting-- hopefully better! Because at one point he was definitely worried something was keeping him alive for some presumably bad purpose, but now that he knows he can't die because Rose loved him, he's in the clear. And he doesn't want to die anymore, hooray!


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