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Birthdate:Aug 14
Location:Maryland, United States of America
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About Me:
I am a married library assistant who grew up in DC, went to Bryn Mawr College (Class of '94 1/2) outside of Philly, lived in Cleveland, Ohio for 5 years and lived in Costa Mesa, CA for 4 years. I am now living in the DC area again. I was laid off in May of 2009 and once we get ourselves dug out from under our move east, I will be looking for full time work again. I have a degree in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology but my current interest is in Celtic and Early European Archaeology. I am active in the SCA and the Science Fiction/Fantasy fan community. I have Scottish ancestry (which I'm proud of) and Alba is the Home of My Heart. Maybe someday I'll live there as well. I'm a bibliophile and I read (and collect) science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, historical nonfiction, mysteries, Shakespeare, archaeology, physical anthropology, pagan history/practice and anything I can get my hands on that discusses Celtic art and culture (I have read Caesar in the original Latin). My TO-READ shelf is a bookcase and 3 rubbermaid tubs. Some day I might just get through it all. I play RPGs and tabletop board games. I love movies, especially the behind the scenes stuff and was active in theater through college. I love music and listen actively to folk, Celtic, international, progressive rock, filk, show tunes, classical, pagan and early music, although I enjoy almost anything except country and rap. I have a huge collection of Celtic music CDs, many of them imports. I'm into dance and interested in ballet, Scottish Country, English Country, Morris and Historical dance, although I am currently woefully out of practice. I'm also into fiber arts: sewing, cross stitch, knitting, spinning and weaving.

My beloved Husband, Brent, works in the gaming industry, formally designing board and card games, currently working on computer games. As a result we spend a great deal of time "Livin' La Vida Dorka". I don't post much about his work but I do play hobby games and RPGs and will occasionally geek about them here.

I have a son, Ian, who is a focus in my life right now. I try and post pictures of him on a regular basis.

I'm Pagan with Ecclectic Wiccan leanings, who is currently also an active UU. **WARNING**: I take umbrage at the words "fluffy" and "Wiccan" used together. I have called myself Wiccan in the past and I have NEVER been "fluffy". Please do not define my beliefs with your words. I occationally rant about the tacky politics/infighting in the Pagan Community and the general religious intolerence in the US (these posts are usually friendslocked for those who care). My standpoint is that everyone's path is different and we should all just get along.

A couple of years ago, I stared a community for Brighid devotees and flame keepers, flame_keepers. I was forced to take a break from it due to some family issues and I'm slowly ramping up my involvement with it again. For now, the community is in the capable hands of eriu and she's the best person to contact about it.

This journal started as a way to communicate with far distant friends and is often full of daily grind type entries. I'm sometimes depressed and homesick, an east-coast gal far out west, so be prepared. But my good friends (both face-to-face and on-line) are the greatest gift I have ever received and I really do cherish them.

Friend me if you wish, but I will check you out if you do. If I like what I see, I'll Friend you back.

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