Jul. 6th, 2009

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The Great Keith Book Sort has begun. So far, 2 tubs (found under our bed) emptied and 3 shelves cleared before Wee Boy needed a nap. So far, 3 boxes of Keep and 5 boxes of get rid of (and one bag of strips), so I think we are doing well. Once I finish this book case, I will post a list of titles and the rules for acquisition on here. I will continue to update the list as I empty book cases. In the end we hope to thin the collection to half its current volume. My intent is to do one regular bookcase a day (or half of the extra large book case in Ian's room). We also have books in storage which we are going to try to access this weekend. 90% of what I'm sorting now is fiction, a combo of science fiction, fantasy and mysteries, with a couple of historical romances thrown in for good measure. We are keeping all the children's books since they are either antiques or almost the right age for Ian or both. And there are some authors, like Issac Asimov or Lois MacMaster Bujold or Elizabeth Peters, that we are keeping our entire collection of.

As the list gets posted, please consider the titles. I know that times are hard, but we would rather the books go to a good home than the bowls of the local used book store, even if we don't get any money off them. We are prepared to ship books, as long as the receiver pays for shipping. All book entries will be unlocked and screened to protect the innocent.


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